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We are delighted to announce the launch of the AcroDancer syllabus in the UK! At bbodance, we pride ourselves in providing access to multi-genre examinations, so are thrilled to be able to add AcroDancer to the selection of syllabi available in the UK.

The syllabus was created in 2014 by Tracie-marie Seipel and originally available to our Australasian members. The syllabus has since been revised and we are excited that our UK teachers will be able to add this genre to their bbodance teaching practice.

The syllabus begins with Pre-Primary level, building students’ strength and confidence for this genre, equipping them with skills for both stationary and mobile exercises. We know that dancers love to try new tricks, test their capabilities and step out of their comfort zone, and now there is an additional syllabus equipped for dance teachers to support them through these experiences.

We will be introducing the Pre-Primary and Primary grades at our annual flagship event, Dance Days, running from April 11th – 14th. The wonderful Jennifer Evans will be hosting a CPD session and going through how the AcroDancer syllabus will develop.

We can’t wait to see students taking part in AcroDancer; don’t forget to share your videos and pictures with us on social media!