Jazz — Intermediate Foundation

Join bbodance Examiner, Kemal Kuguloglu for an in-depth discussion about the bbodance Intermediate Foundation Jazz syllabus.

This syllabus was devised by the late great dancer, Peter Salmon and the master choreographer and dancer, Jane Darling. Its challenging work was designed and inspired by Matt Mattox, apprentice of the respected Jazz pioneer, Jack Cole. The Mattox technique is now studied internationally, training dancers in the qualities and precision of Ballet, along with the isolation movement specifically characterised by Jazz.

The bbodance Jazz syllabus helps students develop strength, control, flexibility, and stylistic interpretation, and includes a diversity of movements and rhythmically complex, eclectic dances.

The course is open to all dance teachers, not just bbodance members. No previous knowledge of the syllabus is required; however, if you do have access to the syllabus, it's advisable to look through it beforehand. You are also encouraged to bring a list of exercises you would like covered, so the tutor can tailor the session around them. Access the syllabus.

(This course was also known as Course J at Dance Days 2020. If you registered for it, our team will be in touch to transfer your registration.) 

For safety reasons, this session is live-stream only; the only onsite staff will be the course tutor and his support staff.

Enjoy the course!

April 25th, 2021 10:00 AM through  5:00 PM
United Kingdom
Event Fee(s)
Online CPD £ 110.00