Beyond Syllabus Conference 2023 Recordings

Open to all dance teachers across the world, regardless of affiliation, you can now watch the recordings of our Beyond Syllabus Conference held on 4th & 5th January. Each recording is worth 1.5 hours of CPD (12 hours in total if you sign up for all 8 talks!)


See below for the full list of recordings: 

Lucy McCrudden - 'Supporting Parents in Dance'

Claire Farmer - 'The interplay between strength and flexibility for dance performance'

Jane Bartholomeusz - 'Not too fast and not too slow...somewhere in between'

Talk with Darcey Bussell DBE

John Byrne - 'Beyond Syllabus: finding the right balance'

Joseph Powell-Main - 'Challenging Yourself & Changing Perceptions'

Mercy Nabirye - 'Rethinking Education and Communities'

Katy Chambers - 'Adults in Dance'

For more information on each talk, you can see the timetable here.


The links to the recordings will be sent once we have received confirmation of your payment. Email us to receive your CPD certificate once completed.



January 13th, 2023 11:00 AM
United Kingdom
Event Fee(s)
Attendance fee
'Supporting parents in dance' with Lucy McCrudden £ 25.00
'The interplay between strength & flexibility in dance performance' with Claire Farmer £ 25.00
'Not too fast & not too slow...but somewhere in between' with Jane Bartholomeusz £ 25.00
Talk by Darcey Bussell DBE £ 25.00
'Beyond Syllabus: finding the right balance' with John Byrne £ 25.00
'Challenging yourself & changing perceptions' with Joseph Powell-Main £ 25.00
'Rethinking education & communities' with Mercy Nabirye £ 25.00
'Adults in dance' with Katy Chambers £ 25.00