The bbodance Scholars Scheme
is open to the most talented students of bbodance Registered Teachers and Associate Members. In order to join the Scheme, students need to be recommended by their teachers and audition successfully.

Once accepted, students do not need to audition again in order to pass to the next academic year; the only instance when an audition may be needed is if students want to change Schemes (from Ballet to Jazz, or vice-versa).


To audition for the bbodance Scholars Scheme, it is recommended that students have passed the following grades:

  • Juniors — Grade 2
  • Mids — Grade 4
  • Seniors — Intermediate Foundation
  • Jazz — Grade 4 (13 years old & above)

We encourage all students who feel that they are able and would like to take part in an audition to apply.

All students should receive their results within four weeks of the audition date.

Audition to become a Scholar

Registration for the 2021-22 bbodance Scholars Scheme online auditions is now open! Please submit your video audition by 28 May.

Audition for South Scholars

Audition for North Scholars

Audition for Scottish Scholars

Download the audition submission guidelines (PDF)