From Autumn 2022, the bbodance Scholars Scheme consists of 12 fortnightly classes a year (on Sundays) taught by excellent faculty that are designed to refine students' skills.

Classical Ballet classes include repertoire and are accompanied by a pianist. Jazz classes teach diverse techniques and styles and repertoire from current West End shows.


Junior Ballet

An introduction to the scheme, Junior Ballet is suitable for students who have achieved a Distinction in Grade 2 Ballet.

9:45 – 11:45 am

Birmingham Royal Ballet Studios

Fee: £435

Mid Ballet

The Mid class is a stepping stone in between Junior and Senior and is suitable for students who have achieved a Distinction in Grade 4 Ballet. 

12:15 – 2:45 pm

Birmingham Royal Ballet Studios

Fee: £505

Senior Ballet

The Senior class is designed to challenge students and support their vocational training. Suitable for students who have achieved a Distinction in Intermediate Foundation Ballet.

2 – 5 pm

bbodance HQ, London

Fee: £565


Suitable for students aged 13+ who have taken a Grade 4 level exam in Jazz or an equivalent genre — for example, Modern.

3 – 5.30 pm

Birmingham Royal Ballet Studios

Fee: £505

Please note, all fees are inclusive of a non-residential place on the Scholars Weekend in April and can be paid in 3 instalments.

The bbodance Scholars Scheme is available for all bbodance students under the age of 18 who have auditioned successfully. 

Audition for the scheme


Rules, regulations and information for 2022- 23

Scholars Scheme of Work 
Dress code