bbodance has devised a safe and developmental programme of study that focuses on technique, artistry and performance skills. Our current syllabus covers the genres of Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Modern; providing a comprehensive structure designed to encourage the enjoyment and learning of dance in students of all ages and abilities, recognising their progress and achievement in dance. 

Musical Theatre

A fun, accessible and engaging syllabus which prepares students for progression into Vocational training in Musical Theatre. The new syllabus will develop technical skills, performance awareness and artistic style in dance as well as introducing speech and singing skills to students.

By broadening the range of syllabi we offer, bbodance hope to encourage students to develop their creativity and love for dance. The new syllabi will provide bbodance teachers with more artistic freedom in their studios and classes.

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Specification Level 1 Musical Theatre

Classical Ballet

Our Classical Ballet Syllabus was devised by Anne Heaton and John Field commencing at Primary level up to the Advanced level of expertise.  The syllabus is designed to nurture and encourage young dancers to appreciate the enjoyment of movement, develop in flexibility and strength, in harmony with the whole body. The syllabus levels gradually increase in technical ability, grace and charm, the bases of all good dancing.  

Our syllabus focuses on providing learners with a secure grounding in classical ballet technique, as well as developing musicality and artistry.

Specification Level 1 Classical Ballet

Specification Level 2 Classical Ballet

Specification Level 3 Classical Ballet

Specification Level 4 Classical Ballet


Our Tap Syllabus offers training from early learning through to vocational level, which equips students to perform at professional standard, adapting to varying styles and choreography.

The work is enjoyable, inspiring,  educational in timing, rhythm and technique, while retaining historical influences. The Syllabus encourages individuality, discipline in group work and is inclusive of era-changes both choreographically and musically, which keeps it up-to-date.

The same pattern of training is used throughout the lower levels and also the higher graded pathway for recreational students, which may be used as a stepping-stone for the vocational work. There is an additional syllabus for adults or late starters in an easy mode. All work has accompanying compatible jazz music improvisations.

Specification Level 1 Tap

Specification Level 2 Tap

Specification Level 3 Tap

Sepcification Level 4 Tap


Our Jazz Syllabus is a challenging but rewarding Syllabus devised by Jane Darling and Peter Salmon. From the foundation exercises of Pre Primary to the complexities of Advanced 1 the work builds strength, control, flexibility and stylistic interpretation that includes a diversity of movements and dance styles within the syllabus and the Dances. 

Specification Level 1 Jazz

Specification Level 2 Jazz

Specification Level 3 Jazz

Specification Level 4 Jazz


Our Modern Dance Syllabus from Pre-Syllabus Assessment to Advanced 2 is designed to prepare the dancer with a strong technical background in the Modern idiom. The lower levels develop through fun and enjoyment whilst commencing the basic technical elements through to all the requirements that are needed to produce a Modern dancer for today. The Steps and Amalgamations cover the broad spectrum that is Modern Dance from Lyrical, to Jazz, to Musical Theatre, to Street Dance. There is no set music so this keeps the work current and in vogue for the students and gives the teacher freedom to experiment and utilise the ever-changing styles of music. 

Specification Level 1 Modern

Specification Level 2 Modern

Specification Level 3 Modern

Specification Level 4 Modern

AcroDancer (Australasia Only)

AcroDancer is a genre of Acrobatics designed specifically for the dancer. This syllabus has been launched from Pre Primary to Grade Five over the past year, to follow on to the Advanced levels. This genre fuses the elements of lyrical gymnastic, balance and tumbling all coordinated with the beauty of classical ballet and the gusto of jazz.  AcroDancer promotes the building of core strength, spatial awareness and enhanced flexibility.  All exercises are accompanied by original music. To master the elements of AcroDancer the emphasis is to ensure safety, build confidence together with developing sound technical training to be integrated with the choreography in todays competitive world of dance. This syllabus is designed to accommodate the fun element for young dancers through to the expectations of the elite student.