bbodance has devised a safe and developmental programme of study
that focuses on technique, artistry and performance skills. bbodance offer regulated examinations at the following levels:

• Level 1 — Grades 1-3
• Level 2 — Grades 4-5, and Intermediate Foundation
• Level 3 — Grades 6-8, and Intermediate
• Level 4 — Advanced 1 and Advanced 2

The Specifications support bbodance Registered Teachers in their understanding of the content, requirements, and assessment modes for each examination. They are designed to be used for the planning of qualification delivery and preparation for examinations. Each specification provides the aims, objectives, and assessment criteria for all bbodance regulated qualifications, along with the benefits for learners, recommended Total Qualification Time (TQT), and Guided Learning Hours (GLH).

Please download a copy of our specifications for use in your planning, delivery and examination preparation:

Level 1 Specification (Grades 1-3)
Level 2 Specification (Grades 4-5, and Intermediate Foundation)
Level 3 Specification (Grades 6-8, and Intermediate)
Level 4 Specification (Advanced 1 and Advanced 2)

The qualifications detailed in the specifications can be completed in a variety of dance genres. bbodance has created syllabi in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre, and Contemporary to offer students the opportunity to complete examinations in the dance styles they enjoy. Our syllabi provide a comprehensive structure designed to encourage the enjoyment and learning of dance for students of all ages and abilities, recognising their progress and achievement in dance.

bbodance syllabi — What to expect

Each syllabus, irrespective of genre, was created to nurture and encourage students to appreciate the enjoyment of movement. All bbodance syllabi focus on providing students with a secure grounding in technique, musicality, and artistry. Each level of study increases in complexity, demand, and rigour.

  • Level 1 (Grades 1-3) enables students to perform basic dance vocabulary with musical and spatial awareness.
  • During Level 2 (Grades 4-5 and Intermediate Foundation), students progress to demonstrating secure technique via more complex movement sequences and a wider range of vocabulary. The relationship between music and dance is refined and a sense of individual performance introduced. 
  • During Level 3 (Grades 6-8 and Intermediate), students are able to perform complex movements with a clear understanding and sustained sense of coordination and alignment. Their musicality is sound and sense of performance assured. 
  • Finally, during Level 4 (Advanced 1 and Advanced 2), students perform with a mastery of technique combined with an inherent expressive quality which is the mark of a professional dancer. They demonstrate individuality communicating via confident performances and through audience awareness. These qualities are at or near the level of a professional dancer in order to gain entry to vocational training.

Each bbodance syllabus should be approached as a complete course of study comprising three strands: Technique and Performance, Creative, and Wider Learning. The Technique and Performance strand consists of set exercises and dances which are examined. The inclusion of Creative and Wider Learning Strands marks a change in the ethos of bbodance syllabi at the Graded Examination level. By engaging with these strands from the outset, it is hoped that students will be encouraged to develop an individual and creative response to the technical syllabus material.

Read more about each genre:

All bbodance Level 3 Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations carry UCAS points. To check the points each grade carries we recommend that you use the UCAS Tariff Calculator.

All syllabi and resources are free to access for bbodance Registered Teachers and Associate Members. Syllabi transcripts are also available for purchase via our online shop. If you would like to know more about becoming a bbodance Registered Teacher or Associate Member, please see the benefits and eligibility criteria outlined here.

bbodance offers training days for dance teachers (Members and non-Members) where you can learn syllabus content and how to utilise the specifications. Visit our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) page for details of upcoming training days and events.