Drawing from the heritage of British Ballet developed by Espinosa, the founder of the British Ballet Organization, the bbodance syllabus introduces students to the foundations of ballet vocabulary needed to develop strong technique via the movement principles of this genre: accurate footwork, coordination of limbs, graceful elevation, and precise turns.

At the higher levels, the bbodance Ballet syllabi expose students to the variety of artistic styles, choreographic demands, and musical complexities that dancers working in the profession need to master.

The original Ballet syllabi have stood the test of time; however, to keep them vibrant and accessible for today’s students, they are regularly reviewed. Grades 6 and 7 have been completely reworked by Julie Bowers, Emily Law, Meryl Moreth, Fiona Chadwick, and Darren Parish in 2017 and 2019, in order to increase the range of choreographic styles that influence the content of these syllabi.

Original creators and syllabus reviewers include Anne Heaton, John Field, Janet Lupino, Christine Hughes, and Brenda Last OBE. Special Advisors who have assisted bbodance in maintaining the validity and comparability of the revised and new syllabus content include Sheila Cross and Marti Kane.