bbodance has three membership categories which it awards in recognition of significant contribution to the development of our organisation.

The categories are:

  • bbodance Fellows
  • bbodance Life Members
  • bbodance Honorary Members

bbodance Fellows (F bbodance)

bbodance Fellowship is our most prestigious award and is given to individuals within the organisation, members, and staff in recognition of a significant contribution to the profile and the development of bbodance.

Current bbodance Fellows.

bbodance Life Members (LM bbodance)

bbodance Life Membership is awarded after 50 years of being a bbodance member.

Current bbodance Life Members.

bbodance Honorary Members

bbodance awards Honorary Memberships to people outside the organisation to celebrate and acknowledge the ongoing support and contribution of industry professionals with whom bbodance has a long-standing association.

Current bbodance Honorary Members.