The 90th Anniversary of the BBO —
What A Landmark!

The BBO is an organisation of great importance to the art of dance — sending out into the world qualified teachers. Inspiring students with their excellent teaching and giving them the best start to accomplish their dreams.

It was John Travis who invited me to become a Patron 1997. He and his staff did so much for the development of the BBO. It was always a pleasure to visit Woolborough House. His love of dance and caring for the organisation permeated the place. He always created a lovely special atmosphere at BBO events. I admired his wonderful gift as an archivist, looking after the memorabilia of the great Espinosa family to the famous personalities of today: a treasure indeed. His being a part of, and instrumental in, creating the new headquarters, was a great achievement. I remember my first visit to the new centre expecting to find a converted warehouse and was amazed to find such a superb building.

I was invited to the graduation ceremony last year, when the young dancer Brandon Lawrence (part of his training was at the BBO) gave an inspiring speech with dignity. His dedication, love and understanding of his art and appreciation of the BBO impressed me very much. Here was a remarkable young man, along with other successful people, who had passed through the doors of this long-standing organisation.

Long may the BBO prosper.

Doreen Wells

Marchioness of Londonderry

(photo: Luke LeBihan)