Dear all,

I feel so proud to be the Chairman of bbodance as we celebrate our 90th year. I am delighted to have witnessed the amazing modernization and significant development of our historic organization, due to the love and devotion of all the officers, staff and members. Thank you for all you have contributed to bbodance.

When the BBO was founded on May 16, 1930 by Edouard Espinosa & Louise Kay at their home in Barnes, they were at the forefront of Dance Pedagogy, creating some of world's first published Ballet syllabi based on the steps of Edouard’s father, Léon Espinosa, immediately gaining respect and international recognition.

Who would have thought that, 90 years later, the organization would have gone on to develop a comprehensive range of theatre dance syllabi, all very much respecting Espinosa’s philosophy of valuing the importance of all dance genres and styles. What’s more, Edouard understood the need for high-quality teaching. So the organization created a unique teaching program that accessed recognized teaching qualifications, which of course supports all dance genres. Lastly and most importantly, in these extraordinary times, most of the syllabus material and teaching programs can now be delivered online and streamed live around the world.

In its 90 years, the Organization has touched the lives of millions of people, introducing them to the joy of dance, and has been responsible for starting the careers of many of the most prestigious artists in the world of professional theatre. What a fantastic organization — Compact, Friendly, High-quality, Ahead of its time, and Fast to react.

Sounds a bit like its founder, Edouard Espinosa!

I am honored to be your Chairman.

Happy 90th.

Keep well and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Nic Espinosa

Nic Espinosa signature 2

(photo: Luke LeBihan)