Becoming a dance teacher is an important decision. If you're considering it, it might be helpful to find out what our students think. Could one of our courses help you reach your goals?

Here's a brief Q&A with alumna Kate Vandivier.

Why did you choose the bbodance Teaching Qualifications (TQ) programme?

As the Course Administrator/Coordinator and a dance teacher myself, I found the content of the course to be very comprehensive and valuable. Unlike other teaching qualifications courses, the bbodance course investigates how to apply various teaching strategies in a dance class setting, and challenges students to evaluate their approach to teaching in order to produce the best outcome for all of their students.

Has the bbodance TQ programme helped you develop your teaching practice? If so, how?

The programme has given me the knowledge and skills to apply various teaching methods in place of the standard method of "teacher demonstrates, students execute," which increases the overall engagement of the students. It has also given me the tools and desire to continually evaluate my teaching practice in order to consistently grow and improve as a teacher.

Would you recommend Level 4 to others, especially professionals with a similar background to yours?

I would recommend this course to not only professionals with a similar background to mine, but to anyone interested in teaching dance or those currently teaching, regardless of how much experience you may already have.

What was your favourite part of the course?

I enjoyed the micro-teach as it provided me the opportunity to test out various teaching strategies and receive feedback from tutors and peers. It also gave me the opportunity to learn from my peers by participating in their micro-teach. I also enjoyed the supportive environment — all of the students and tutors were warm and encouraging which created a very positive atmosphere.

Thank you for your feedback!


(Photo by Hanna Bricston)