Thank you to everyone who has sent us feedback about Beyond Syllabus! We're thrilled that you've enjoyed our first conference and look forward to launching other quality content soon. Watch this space!

“Dear Julie,

I want to congratulate you on an absolutely fantastic weekend. Balanced, informative, relevant, inviting & inspiring. What a testament to you. As I said – stratospheric! I very much enjoyed myself & look forward to many more.”

Thank you, Philippa 😊

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the teachers' conference this weekend. Such great speakers, inspirational lectures. I’m so impressed with bbodance!" 

"What an awesome weekend conference! 👏👏 Absolutely loved every class – inspiring, motivational and heart-warming – superb choice of tutors and such a difference in topics and thought processes but all completely relatable 😊 Thrilled to have been part of it and can’t wait to get back to the studio and put it all into practice 😂🤦"

"Just a quick note to say huge thanks for arranging such an insightful, diverse and engaging conference this weekend! As a TQ member, it was the perfect opportunity to hear lots of perspectives and has really helped me clarify plans for my next steps post-graduation. I really look forward to attending again next year!"

Fantastic! Thank you for letting us know 👍

"Dear Julie,

I wanted to personally thank you for an amazing weekend, it was just so lovely 😊 Your work and dedication that has been put into this are greatly appreciated, the tutors have oozed encouragement and hope which I desperately have needed. Such knowledge you have brought before us the work you have put in to organise this conference is phenomenal and I know you have done with love.”

Thank you 🙏

"Julie Bowers, Sarah Dickinson
Knocking it out of the stratosphere!!! Brilliant 🩰 👑"


"The course was absolutely amazing!
I loved it. Hope you repeat similar next year!"

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