As our flagship autumn event, Scholars Weekend is host to the largest number of simultaneous CPD courses this time of year.

Click the course names below to register. Did you know you can also observe your students and join our Saturday night celebration dinner?

All courses below will be held at Elmhurst Ballet School unless otherwise specified.

Saturday 27 October

Course A — Getting the very best out of your students (half-day, 10am-1pm)

Course B — Growing Your Dance Business (half-day, 2-5pm)

Course C — Grade 4 Musical Theatre (held at mac birmingham)

Sunday 28 October

Course D — Understanding Examinations (half-day, 10am-1pm)

Course E — Finessing Footwork, Form, and Frame (half-day, 2-5pm)

Course F — Contemporary Dance Grade 2 (held at mac birmingham)

Course G — Intermediate Foundation Ballet (held at mac birmingham)

Course H — Jazz Dance in present day training: incorporating performance, creativity and choreography and the different styles needed for training dancers of today (held at mac birmingham)

Course I — Grade 8 Ballet (held at mac birmingham)

Registration for CPD at Scholars Weekend '18 has now closed. 

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