We're very excited to announce that the CPD courses that would have taken place at this year's Dance Days UK have been rescheduled.

To ensure the safety of our faculty and staff, the courses will be livestreamed. You will be able to tune in from wherever you are in the world and you will receive a link to watch the course again, as many times as you like, for up to three weeks after the event.

If you registered for the courses earlier this year, your registration has been transferred automatically.

The updated list is...

  Rescheduled date
Sunday, 5 April  
Course A — Ballet: Intermediate  13 September
Course B — Nutrition & Well-Being for Dancers  18 November
Monday, 6 April  
Course C — Musical Theatre: Grade 5  4 October
Course D — Ballet: Intermediate Foundation  18 October
Course E — Tap: Grades 6, 7 & 8  27 September
Tuesday, 7 April  
Course H — Musical Theatre: Intermediate Foundation  11 October
Course I — Motivating Students  9 & 11 November (two-part course)
Course J — Jazz: Intermediate Foundation  15 November
Wednesday, 8 April  
Course K — Choreography & Creativity  24 & 25 September (two-part course)
Course L — Teaching Boys: including Pointe Work  25 October
Course M — Modern: Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate  29 November
Course N — Safeguarding  25 & 27 November (two-part course)

Did you know that, if you're not a bbodance member, the cost of CPD you attend could be deducted from your membership fee? Find out more.