Dance Activities in England

Since the Prime Minister set out the Roadmap for England on 22 February and Ofqual released information on how qualifications will be awarded on 25 February, we are now planning for the return of bbodance Graded Examinations and non-regulated Awards.

We will put together guidance on applying for an Examination Session in due course, covering information about readiness for Examinations, how the mark scheme will be operated across all Examinations, and when to apply for Special Considerations for your candidates. In the meantime, to support you with planning, it’s important to keep in mind the spirit of the lockdown along with the dates venues will be allowed to open and activities to resume.

We anticipate that dance teachers will be looking to the second milestone of 12 April as the date which they will be able to return to indoor studio classes. This is, of course, subject to change, and you must keep abreast of out-of-school setting guidance and further Government announcements. To work towards this date and ensure your activities can be safely undertaken, please review both the Government guidance and the Public Health England guidance. We also encourage you to review all of your local and national guidance, along with information circulated by OneDance UK.

Dance Activities Outside of England

We are aware that Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are on different timeframes for activities resuming, along with the different restrictions our international Registered Teachers are facing. We are keeping abreast of these dates; should any decision on the date at which booking Graded Examinations become prohibitive, please inform us and we will take your region/county/country into consideration when setting up Examination Sessions.

Graded Examinations

We will send guidance to all bbodance Registered Teachers regarding booking an Examination Session in 2021. These Examinations will be delivered under the VTQ Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF). The details of this framework are under consultation until 11 March and bbodance will be feeding into this, along with the rest of the Dance Awarding Organisation sector. Specifics are not yet in place, but we hope that students will be able to undertake their Examinations from 1 May 2021, providing that they are ready to do so and that your school can operate within the guidance.

If you have already applied for an Examination Session, we will be in contact to confirm. However, if the date you have requested falls before 1 May, please revise your application and resubmit once you have had an opportunity to assess your candidates' readiness for their Examination.

Priority of booking will continue to go to rescheduled sessions that could not take place due to lockdowns/national restrictions.