In order to support our members worldwide, we are launching Digital Examinations.

This will allow Registered Teachers, with Centre Approval, to record their candidates and submit the footage to bbodance for examining purposes. Details and guidance will be available in the Examinations section of the Members' Area in due course.

When booking your next Examination Session, please select whether you would like a Live Examination (examined by an Examiner at your Centre) or a Digital Examination (recorded by your Centre and submitted to bbodance).

Individual candidates and/or sets cannot be examined via different methods; you must choose a single method for the entire Examination Session. If you wish to submit candidates via both methods, you will have to book separately, submitting separate forms and ensuring that each booking meets the minimum fee requirements.

As with all Examination bookings, it is vital that guidelines are followed. In order for candidates to be assessed correctly, we will be unable to accept any recordings that don't meet the required standard.

Digital Examinations are not replacing live examinations. bbodance is introducing this assessment method to support members facing different lockdown restrictions worldwide.