Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to let us know their feedback at our latest event in Birmingham. Feedback is so important because it helps us make our events better!

Just some of the messages we've received...

"So good to be back in the studio, with real people!! Sophie has provided us with a very complete overview of Level 1 MT...Very very enjoyable and much appreciated!"
"Inspiring and welcoming event. Wonderful to catch up too! Thank you all at bbodance for making this happen."

"Friendly, easy to talk to & positive environment.
Informative & fun! 
"Really enjoyed it! So helpful for someone learning the syllabus for the first time!"

"The Tap course was fantastic,
everything was gone through in such detail. Debbie was fantastic, she broke everything down and gave great tips of how to teach exercises and steps!"

"Excellent—informative, friendly, right balance of teaching, questions, repetition. A group of lovely people too!

"Excellent Jazz refresher course. Lots of queries answered. Thank you
"Fantastic to be back in person, really friendly atmosphere. Great to go through the counts and finer details of the Ballet syllabus and to share teaching tips."

"Very exciting Musical Theatre course! I am very motivated to add this genre to my practice. Sophie was amazing too!!"