Becoming a dance teacher is an important decision. If you're considering it, it might be helpful to find out what our students think. Could one of our Teaching Qualifications help you reach your goals?

Here is what our former student Soonja Lee had to say.

"I chose to pursue my Level 6 Diploma in Dance Teaching because, although I have a broad range of stage experience, I felt the need to properly study what it means to be a dance teacher. I also felt that this course was the right one for me.

I’d heard many great things from people who took this course. How it covers a wide range of subjects and prepares you for a life as a teacher. I also know a few people who chose other similar courses and now wish they had done this one instead.

I used to step into a studio and think my job was to make my students better dancers. Of course that is part of it, but I have learnt the importance of making each student feel included, of helping them find a place where they feel they belong and, most importantly, of helping them realise the joy of learning. I also think it's very important to help them believe in themselves, that it's possible to achieve something.

I would absolutely recommend this course to others! I have learnt so many things that you don’t learn from being a professional dancer dancing on stage. I think all teachers should take one of these courses no matter how much stage experience they have.

My favourite module was 6.2, Physical, Social and Emotional Development in Dance Training.  I did research on one of my students at the time, who had become pregnant after a one-night stand. She was struggling to accept the way her body was changing and to fit in with her adolescent peers. I feel that my researching the types of exercises that can help pregnant bodies for each trimester and applying them in class, as well as changing uniform rules for ballet and finding ways to include my pregnant student even when she was not physically able to join in, was extremely useful. It was wonderful to see my student improve as a result of these changes. 

Another module I enjoyed was 6.1, Dance Science. When I first saw what we had to do it was overwhelming. But I ended up enjoying this module so much because it helped me piece together why I had physical problems when I was dancing. Now I hope I can help my students have a long, painless dancing career."

We hope this feedback helps you on your dance journey!

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(photo courtesy of Soonja Lee)