Our student, Sophie Gore shares her feedback about the Level 3 Certificate — Dance Teaching Assistant. Could this course be right for you? Read on.

How long have you known about bbodance?

Ever since I've been taking dance exams! However, I became more aware of the many opportunities the organisation has to offer more recently, through social media, my dance teacher, and the dance teaching assistant course.

Why did you choose our Level 3?

After hearing about the course from a friend, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to develop theoretical knowledge of dance and relate this to practice. I've previously helped a teacher at my dance school during dance lessons for the younger children and really enjoyed the experience. I thought Level 3 could allow me to formally train in this role whilst providing an insight into whether dance teaching would be something I would enjoy in the future.

How did Level 3 help you reach your goals?

The course really helped me gain confidence through the interactive webinars and the opportunity to work in groups, virtually. I've also learnt so many skills and strategies to apply in the studio!

What was your favourite part of the course?

Probably, having the opportunity to observe dance lessons, as well as learning some of the basics of child development and various approaches to teaching. I also really liked Module 3, when we got to create our own exercises!

Overall, the Level 3 Dance Teaching Assistant course was a great experience! The modules could sometimes be challenging but the tutors were very supportive and happy to help. If you love dance, are interested in dance teaching, and would enjoy combining dance with theory… I think you would love this course!

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