Demand for our in-depth
 Dance Teaching Qualifications courses is increasing. To make them more accessible to prospective international students, we are excited to let you know about the following changes.

  1. Starting this September, we will be offering a Graduate Pathway through our Levels 4 to 6.

    The Pathway is primarily aimed at experienced dance teachers and professional dancers who have achieved a Level 5 qualification or above in Dance. Depending on their previous studies, which are recognised during the application process, the Pathway will consist of 10 modules from our courses from Level 4 to Level 6.

    Students may opt to complete the Pathway in either one or two academic years, and will receive separate diplomas for each of the Levels included in it.

  2. Starting this month, our online Level 4 and 5 courses will continue to be offered within the Australasian academic year. This will help our students from Australia and New Zealand integrate the courses more efficiently in their busy professional schedules. The courses will continue to be offered according to the UK academic year as well.

We hope you will find these changes useful!

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