Becoming a dance teacher is an important decision. If you're considering it, it might be helpful to find out what our students think. Could one of our courses help you reach your goals?

Here's a brief Q&A with alumna Jacqui Boddy.

How long have you known about bbodance?

I began my dance training though bbodance at age 5, taught by my mother. I went to Dance 10, Lincolnshire. My mother was a professional dancer and also worked as a Bluebell Girl in the Lido in Paris. Like many ex-professionals, she looked into becoming a dance teacher, and her own teacher, Christine Orange, recommended bbodance.

Why did you choose our Teaching Qualifications (TQ) programme?

I already knew about the organisation, as I'd started training and assisting in bbodance syllabus classes from a young age and watched the teaching programme develop so rapidly. I love the variety of genres you've introduced; other organizations don’t have this. I was also able to work and travel while on the programme, which was very beneficial for me.

Has the TQ programme helped you develop your teaching practice? If so, how?

I've completed all Levels, 4 to 6, and all have given me a lot of confidence in the way I teach. I'm more adventurous with trying new teaching methods and the outcome has been outstanding.

In Level 4, I found visiting other dance schools and observing classes a great experience. It was so useful that I wanted to discover how other dance schools teach around the world, so, at age 21, I travelled to China to teach Ballet and explore their teaching ideas. Since then I've became passionate about other dance genres. I find it fascinating to travel while learning a variety of teaching methods and dance styles; it's also amazing to me how different countries view dance. 

Following this, I did a workshop day at Simply Theatre in Geneva, Switzerland, where I learnt to teach in a way that makes students feel more mature — it was a very encouraging, sophisticated approach. Later I travelled to Thailand. As dance is the main dramatic art form there, I focused on my own study of classical and folk Thai and Asian dance. What inspired me to do this was actually the bbodance module about Dance History, which really expanded my knowledge. 

Finally, after completing Levels 5 and 6 simultaneously last July, I've also enjoyed exploring the science behind dance; I now teach a body conditioning and pre-pointe class alongside other dance classes at Ritmania Fame Academy in Tenerife. bbodance has taught me to create interesting, formative lessons that help all students reach their full potential by finding the best way to create inclusive and fun teaching practices for all students. It has also taught me that a teacher’s age doesn’t matter; I used to feel that, being just 23 years old, I wouldn’t be respected as a teacher, but this course has really changed my mind.

Would you recommend Level 6 to others, especially professionals with a similar background to yours?

Yes! Every Level is different, but Level 6 was so in-depth. Every module was so inspiring and the faculty were excellent. I would recommend this course because the faculty are so focused on your tuition; they guide you each step of the way and are so helpful. If you have a very busy lifestyle, they're very thoughtful on what the best solution is for you by taking their time and breaking down each module. When I was completing Levels 5 and 6 simultaneously, I was also working night shifts, teaching dance, and trying to find a teaching career abroad. Had the faculty not been so caring, I would not have been able to do this. Teaching abroad has really changed my life. I have only used the bbodance TQ programme; I'm positive that all of this wouldn’t have been possible had I followed another course.

What was your favourite part of the course?

The Dance Science module, because it was a topic I really wanted to know more about. During my dance teaching career, I've noticed how many young adolescents are so concerned about body image, and how this can be quite upsetting to approach during lessons. Now that I'm teaching Body Conditioning classes that focus on my students' health and wellbeing, as well as muscle training, I feel confident approaching this topic, and my students agree.

We hope this brief interview helps you on your dance journey!


(Photo: Jacqui teaching, courtesy of Jacqui Boddy)