Our next series of webinars is here this Autumn with an exciting programme of lunchtime classes and lectures to choose from.

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Develop a Trust-inspiring Brand that will Skyrocket Your Marketing! with Sarah Gittins

78% of people rave about their favourite recent experiences to people they know at least once per week.

90% of people are much more likely to trust a recommended brand.

Can you imagine the difference that would make to your classes?  New students coming in week after week, already knowing about your school, what you do and eagerly looking forward to learning? That is the power of a trust inspiring brand. In this new webinar, we will look at how we develop this in your studio and how you can implement it. Just small changes will make a huge difference.


Safe Practice for Younger Students with Vicky Race

Young children are a delight to work with! For many dance schools infant classes make up a significant percentage of the school population. Very young children, due to their age and developmental stage, are also innately vulnerable. In this session on Safe Practice with Younger Children we will be exploring:

  • Safeguarding and protection from harm for infants
  • The developing brain and executive function
  • Effective communication and the development of resilience and
  • Safe ratios and good practice when working with younger children


Creating Free Enchaînements for Vocational Students with Laura Carnaby

This CPD course is ideal for teachers wishing to incorporate fresh ideas into the creation of free enchaînements. Led by Laura Carnaby, this course will consider creative approaches to the creation of enchaînements for use in both set and unset Ballet classes.


Introduction to Pointe Work with Rachel Hester

This Introduction to Pointe Work CPD course will focus on feet strengthening exercises, examples of warm-ups for the start of class and beginners’ pointe enchaînements. Led by Rachel, we will discuss different types of feet and which pointe shoes and styles can help (or hinder) them. Making it as practical as you wish, you are welcome to join in for as much as you like or just watch and absorb if you prefer.