Parents, does your child dance? Have you ever tried it?

Darren, the father of Duncan, a bbodance Ballet Scholar, says:

"The bbodance online Ballet classes for adults have given me a great appreciation of the skill and hard work young dancers put into their dance classes. Louise is a very encouraging teacher and, after only 3 classes, I'm keen to keep going. I would strongly encourage any parent of a bbodance Scholar to join in and get a feel for what your children do and how it so easily becomes a passion for them. It has already become a welcome break from working at home and a chance to learn something new and fun while exercising!"

By popular demand, our Online Adult Classes have been extended until 8 April. If you'd like to see what it feels like to study dance like your child, sign up for the classes and post about your experience with #bbodance on Facebook or Instagram.

All posts published by 8 April will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win free dance classes for you and your child.

Enjoy the classes!

(Pic: Duncan and his Dad at the barre)