We all love to see stories of exam success on social media and congratulate our students.
Of course — they truly deserve it! 

However, in recent months we've noticed a concerning trend — photos and/or videos of students are being posted that show them holding exam certificates with their names fully visible. This makes the students identifiable by name and location and may put them at risk.

As a result, we would advise that you refrain from posting such photos and videos and delete all the photos and videos that you have posted during the current term where students' names are clearly identifiable on certificates. (Photos and videos of students holding certificates where the names have been edited out, or where students are not holding certificates, may still be posted and kept.) 

We will be contacting all bbodance Registered Teachers on this issue shortly; in the meantime, please read this article about the potential risks.

Thank you for helping us keep our students safe!