Join us this summer for our series of 1 - 2 hour lunch time webinars on the hot topics every dance teacher is talking about! 


22 June - Pointe Shoe Fittings and Best Practice with Sophie Simpson

Sophie Simpson, Senior Pointe Shoe Fitter at Freed of London will be giving a live Zoom talk about pointe shoe fitting. She will cover the basic principals of safe shoe fitting, common problems, what to expect at a shoe fitting. As well as advise about toe pads, ribbons and getting the most out of your shoes. To finish there will be a live Q&A session.

Sophie has also kindly set up a 20% discount for attendees to use on the Freed Webshop.



29 June - The work of Tavaziva: a conversation between Artistic Director Bawren Tavaziva & Producer Steven Gale

In this webinar Artistic Director and Founder of Tavaziva Dance Company, Bawren Tavaziva, will discuss his early career as a dancer in Zimbabwe with Steven Gale, Tavaziva Producer, his move to the UK to work with Phoenix Dance, his early work as a choreographer, his influences, and the evolution of his style to encompass contemporary, classical and African dance.


7 July - Safe Dance Practice: Myth-busting and practical tools with Erin Sanchez

This interactive 1 hour session will cover some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from teachers and provides key information to support your teaching practice. We’ll discuss how you can help students navigate injury, keep students motivated and where to find help if a student is struggling with a mental health issue.



12 July - Understanding Movement Dynamics with Shelly Saint-Smith

In this workshop we will use Laban’s concepts of Effort and Phrasing to explore a full range of movement dynamics. Concepts will be explored through presentation, discussion and practice, leading to performance of a basic sequence that is rich with kinetic interest. Finally, we will examine the ways in which Effort and Phrasing can be used within teaching to develop students’ performance skills.

Note that you will not require a lot of space to participate and do not need any prior knowledge of Laban’s concepts.