This autumn we're hosting two webinars with a focus on dance pedagogy. They are two hours each, delivered via live stream, and are suitable to seasoned teaching professionals as well as teaching students and aspiring students too.

The first one focuses on the issue of creativity; how can we teach creatively and for creativity whilst following a curriculum, which, as we all know, can be quite challenging! The second also touches on creativity, focusing on imagery: how can we train our dancers to embody learning through imagery?

Both webinars are presented by Dr Trish Melton, who has recently joined the faculty of our Dance Teaching Qualifications programme. Dr Melton is an experienced trainer and lecturer who has delivered innovative and active learning experiences worldwide. She currently runs a community dance school in Ireland, a community tap dance performance group, and manages Tap Team Ireland. Her mission is to make dance accessible to all: inclusive, enjoyable, and educational too! 

Not to be missed.

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