The start of the academic year is fast approaching and, with it, Scholars Weekend 2018, our intensive training event for bbodance Scholars and teachers from across the UK.

This year's Scholars Weekend will take place on 27-28 October at Elmhurst Ballet School, Birmingham.

As a teacher, you can register for the activities below. Mix and match to take advantage of all opportunities!

  1. CPD courses

    As our flagship autumn event, Scholars Weekend is host to the largest number of simultaneous CPD courses this time of year. Register for courses on both days and fulfil up to 12 hours of CPD from your requirement.

    See this year's courses & register

  2. Student observation

    Scholars Weekend also gives teachers the opportunity to observe their students in class on Sunday 28 October. This can help you further understand your students' needs; plus, it can be a lot of fun!

    Register to observe

  3. Celebration dinner

    Come meet your fellow teachers, dedicated bbodance staff, and special guests on Saturday 27 October. Let's have dinner together in the center of Birmingham.

    Join us for dinner

For any questions, do get in touch on (020) 8748 1241.

We hope you have an amazing time at Scholars Weekend '18!

Read more about bbodance CPD and student events.