Becoming a dance teacher is an important decision. If you're considering it, it might be helpful to find out what our students think. Could one of our Teaching Qualifications help you reach your goals?

Here is what our student Lucy Beeton had to say.

"I first joined the dance school I currently attend around four years ago, and started my Level 4 training in September 2017 after finishing my A-levels. I have (very!) nearly finished the Level 5 course, and plan to continue with Level 6 this September.

The course was recommended by my dance teacher, as well as a friend who completed it a few years ago. Part-time study really appealed to me, as I could continue my daily work whilst also doing the course.

The training I've received over Levels 4 and 5 really supports and guides my practice. It boosted my confidence in my own ability and showed me new approaches to teaching. I've also developed my academic writing skills, which I can utilise in my daily work.

I would definitely recommend the course. The training is relevant and beneficial to people of many different ages and at different stages of their teaching practice: some just starting out and some who have been teaching for many years.

The experience I've enjoyed the most has to be micro-teaching during the Level 4 course. Although initially it was nerve-wracking, it was really interesting to observe and participate in others’ lessons. It was a really positive learning experience; getting feedback from peers really boosted my confidence. The whole experience brought us closer as a group because we worked together and supported each other.

Other than that, the experience I've enjoyed the most with bbodance is attending Dance Days as a student. I really enjoyed making new friends (and seeing friends from previous years!) and learning in a positive and inclusive environment. The teachers were really inspiring and I also got to do new genres. The highlight is definitely the Performance and Awards Ceremony; it’s a really great way to showcase all of our hard work.

As a TQ student, I also got to observe some of the teaching at Dance Days, which I really enjoyed! The teachers were very passionate about pedagogy and happy to share advice with us."

We hope this feedback helps you on your dance journey!

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(photo courtesy of Gemma Cole-Reeve Photography)