What Exams Do bbodance Offer?

bbodance offer multiple examination types to meet the differing needs of your students, their dance related aspirations and their learning opportunities.

We offer Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations in Classical Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Contemporary.  Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations form part of our Regulated offering, which means they are recognised by both Ofqual and Qualifications Wales via are Awarding Organisation Status.  Graded Examinations typically attract candidates from 7+ and are an excellent way for students to progress through their dance training, with clear markers of success and evidenced achievement.

Some members will know the Graded Syllabi offered by bbodance very well, but for those who are new or returning, you can find syllabi videos and transcripts in the Members Area.  If you want to start delivering Graded or Vocational Graded classes in your school, feel free to contact us for support or CPD.

Alongside our Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations in dance we offer a number of non-regulated examinations, which range from a pre-Graded exams (Intro to Dance/Pre-Syllabus, Pre-Primary and Primary), also with some more bespoke awards:

  • Performance Awards – These exams are made up of small components of bbodance Syllabi giving teachers the opportunity to choose some exercises and selected Dances that the candidates will present during their examination
  • Dance Awards - Dance Awards exams give the candidate an opportunity to perform a series of dances choreographed by their teacher. These build in length and complexity according to the Dance Award Level

Across all of these Exam types, we hope that you will find qualifications to meet your needs, exciting content to work through with your students, and robust examination processes which allow your students and parents to feel confident in the success experienced.



How To Book An Exam Session

 Registered Teachers (RTs) can enter students for examinations and have multiple options regarding examination sessions.

All Examination Centres are required to undergo a Centre Approval prior to an Examination Session being able to take place. Please contact HQ for further information regarding this.

If you have examination fees of over £600 RTs can have their own Examination Session on the dates of their choice (including midweek or an afternoon to evening where students cannot leave school. The Examination Session can be:

  • Live
  • Digital

If the RT cannot reach the minimum fee for their own session, there are still a couple of options:

  • Become a Visiting Teacher at another RT’s Live Examination Session (please contact HQ to see if any schools in your area have a Session booked)
  • Join a Digital Visiting Teacher session. bbodance will specify dates for you to record the RTs student’s exam (see the Teachers Handbook for these dates) and send to HQ via Dropbox. For the Digital Visiting Teacher Sessions, no minimum fee is required which is ideal should there only be a few students ready for exams. Please note that one Examiner will assess all students examined on each weekend

Application Forms for all sessions can be found in the Examination section of the Members Area or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



What are Credits & UCAS points?

All bbodance Level 3 Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations carry UCAS points. 

Level 3 Graded Examinations in Performing Arts carries UCAS points.  When applying to universities, conservatoires or vocational colleges it’s important to include your Graded Examination results as they are a clear indicator of your achievement.  Whether you want to go into engineering or dance, Graded Examination achievement shows your ability to study a subject at a high level; determination, dedication and resilience are qualities you need for any profession!

If you took a Grade 6, 7 or 8 Graded Examination and/or Intermediate Vocational Graded Examinations from 1st September 2010 (when the qualification was transferred to the Qualifications and Credit Framework), your achievement carries UCAS points, you can check how many and how to make use of these here.