bbodance aims to ensure high standards in all its practices,
including dealing with complaints in a timely manner and through clear procedures.


bbodance takes responsibility for any issue relating to the delivery and assessment of its qualifications (Graded, Vocational Graded and Teaching Qualifications), but cannot be held accountable for the management of individual, privately-owned schools. All bbodance teachers and Examiners are subject to the bbodance Code of Conduct, as well as guidance on professional etiquette published by the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT). Matters which occur between parents (or carers) and a teacher, but do not relate to bbodance qualifications, should be taken up internally within the school.

Complaints should be in writing to the Regulatory and Quality Assurance Adviser, Libby Costello, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by letter to the bbodance headquarters address, marked FAO Libby Costello. All complaints will be treated seriously and dealt with promptly. Where possible, complaints should be accompanied by evidence. Should it be deemed necessary, bbodance will request evidence in order to assess the validity of the complaint. Requests from bbodance for further information or evidence must be met within 3 weeks.

All complaints received by bbodance will be acknowledged within 5 working days, recorded, and subsequently monitored by the Regulatory and Quality Assurance Adviser who also acts as the Ofqual Responsible Officer. We will make every effort to deal with any complaint internally. However, bbodance is willing to share information of common interest across awarding bodies through CDMT, and to cooperate fully with any investigations requested by Ofqual, Qualifications Wales, or other regulatory body.

Complaints Procedure

The complaint is received and acknowledged by bbodance within 5 days of receipt. Relevant persons are informed of the complaint and asked to provide a written response within 14 days of receipt. A response to the complainant will be provided within a further 14 days of receipt. Where the complaint is upheld, a report will be submitted to a Complaints Panel. The decision of the Panel, including any action to be taken, will be reported back to the complainant. Where a complaint is not upheld, the complainant has the right to appeal, in writing, to the Chief Executive Officer.

Updated October 2020.