CPD is part of our commitment to the concept of ‘lifelong learning’ for dance teachers and is designed to support you in developing, refining or updating your knowledge and skills. Undertaking CPD is a commitment to your own professional development and, of equal importance, a commitment to your students who will benefit from your learning.

Most teachers enjoy being students again; we give so much of ourselves in teaching others! CPD is a welcome opportunity to replenish and refresh our thinking, share our experiences and work with others. Whether learning a new syllabus, or going back to basics, we hope you enjoy the sessions on offer over the coming months.


What is CPD for?

Like most professions, dance teaching carries certain expectations; that teachers are trained and qualified and stay up to date with developments in their subject (Dance) and in teaching (Pedagogy). This ‘professionalism’ is comparable to expectations in medicine, the law, financial services, and, of course, education more widely. We believe that CPD is an important part of maintaining the status of dance, dance teachers and dance qualifications.

As an organisation, bbodance can only benefit from the continuous development of its membership. We want our teachers to feel confident in what they do and to be ready for any challenges ahead. As in most areas of education, changes are inevitable and flexibility is a key asset. These changes can be economic, social, or geographic (a change of studio); they can also be imposed by national regulators, or arise from members’ feedback. Whatever the case, we aim to support teachers in all aspects of teaching, management and small business development.

Obviously, the CPD Scheme will take time to develop and your input is essential. At the back of this booklet you will see a Schedule for 2016/17 which already incorporates feedback from members. We will continue to consult at each stage of development so that the Scheme meets your needs.


How much CPD should I do?

CPD is compulsory for all Registered Teachers but we hope that all teaching members will engage with the scheme.

For Registered Teachers, the CPD requirement is 18 hours per year. This is equivalent to three whole days, or six half days, or a combination of both. Some Registered Teachers may wish to do more – there is no upper limit. It is up to each individual RT member to choose their CPD hours from the annual schedule of CPD events.

For Associates, the CPD requirement is 6 hours per year. For other membership categories, there is no mandatory CPD requirement, however, we hope that all bbodance teachers will invest in themselves, their students and their careers by attending some CPD sessions annually.


How will my CPD be recorded?

Attendance at CPD sessions will be recorded on our database and attendees will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance. This applies to all those who attend the session, whether they are Registered Teachers, Associatess or non-members.

For Registered Teachers, the number of CPD hours completed per year will be checked. In the instance that the 18 hour requirement has not been met, teachers will be given an extension period in which to complete the required hours.


What do I need to bring?

If it is a practical session, you should wear comfortable and appropriate clothing and footwear. The expectation is that you will participate within your own physical capacity and in accordance with safe practice at all times. If you are unsure of the level of your physical participation, please check with the CPD Tutor before the session. If your participation involves observation for part/s of the session, you should remain an active participant by taking notes, identifying issues and/or preparing questions for later discussion.