bbodance is committed to lifelong learning, and our teachers are too.

Why take CPD with us?

1. Versatility — you can develop your skills in three subject areas:

  • education & pedagogy
  • subject knowledge
  • bbodance syllabi

Read more about our subject areas.

2. Expertise — you will be taught by experienced teachers, often the very creators of the syllabi they're teaching.
They are the best resources on bbodance syllabi and you'll have direct access to them for any questions. Read more about our faculty.

3. Convenience — you can take CPD at our main annual events as well as on an individual basis, all across the UK. Attending one of our events, either during Easter break or autumn half term, can help you earn up to 18 credit hours in the same place, reducing transportation and accommodation costs. Our main events are also attended by students ages 8-18, which you can observe in class for an enhanced learning experience.

4. Flexibility — our sessions are available as full- or half-days, in-person or live-streamed.

5. Co-Learning — as of August 2018, you can bring up to two of your students with you to syllabus CPD courses.
 Their input will help you remember course content; at the same time, it will be fun to share this experience with them and show them that, like them, you are also constantly improving. We're currently working to extend this practice to all our syllabus CPD sessions.


Access documents created to help you on your CPD journey (Members' Area).

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