bbodance has devised a safe and developmental programme of study
 that focuses on technique, artistry, and performance skills.

We currently offer regulated examinations at the following levels:

  • Level 1 — Grades 1-3
  • Level 2 — Grades 4-5 and Intermediate Foundation
  • Level 3 — Grades 6-8 and Intermediate
  • Level 4 — Advanced 1 and 2

Our Specifications below support bbodance Registered Teachers in their understanding of the content, requirements, and assessment modes for each examination. They are designed to be used for the planning of qualification delivery and preparation for examinations. Each specification provides the aims, objectives, and assessment criteria for all bbodance regulated qualifications, along with the benefits for learners, recommended Total Qualification Time (TQT), and Guided Learning Hours (GLH).

Please download a copy of our Specifications for use in your planning, delivery and examination preparation:

The qualifications detailed in the Specifications can be completed in a variety of dance genres.
 We have created syllabi in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre, and Contemporary to offer students the opportunity to complete examinations in the dance styles they enjoy. Our syllabi provide a comprehensive structure designed to encourage the enjoyment and learning of dance for students of all ages and abilities, recognising their progress and achievement.