1. Exams are reliable

    Exam results indicate the standard achieved by students within a nationally recognised and bbodance framework.

    •  Exams are an important part of the learning process;
    •  Exams structure the learning process in a progressive way;
    •  Exams provide a robust measure of achievement of technical, musical, and performance skills from beginner to professional level;
    •  Exams provide the highest quality of constructive feedback, supported by a rigorous Quality Assurance Framework;
    •  Exams help teachers monitor the progress of individual students.

  2. Exams help students

    •  Exams are open to all;
    •  Exams enable students to optimise opportunities to realise their potential;
    •  Exams help students develop self-confidence;
    •  Exams help students develop artistry and musicality;
    •  Exams are excellent audition practice;
    •  Exams are excellent preparation for a professional dance career;
    •  Exam certification acknowledges achievement, which is important for those who wish to pursue a career in dance;
    •  For Level 3, Exams carry UCAS points;
    •  Exams help students’ CVs look great! They show potential employers that students are creative, goal-oriented, willing to learn, and committed to achieving difficult tasks.

  3. Many students enjoy Exams

    Many students love to be challenged, achieve, and progress, and take great pride in Exam success.

    •  Exams reward achievement;
    •  Exams can motivate further learning;
    •  Exams are something to celebrate!