The bbodance Level 6 Extended Diploma in Dance Teaching is primarily aimed at experienced dance teachers and professional dancers who have achieved a Level 5 qualification or above in Dance (e.g., a Level 6 BA Hons Degree in Dance)

The course builds on our students' previous training and knowledge, developing the teaching skills they have already accumulated through theoretical and practical components of previous courses.

The main objective of the Level 6 Extended course is to enable students to work in the academic environment, as well as on an independent basis at Higher Education (HE) Level 6 while focusing on specific genres, age phases, and teaching and learning practices. Modules in dance science, physical, social, and emotional development, and wider professional dance practice will help students understand current teaching and learning trends.

Depending on your preference, the course can take either one or two academic years to complete.

The course consists of 10 modules:

Module 4.1 Observing Teaching and Learning Strategies
Module 4.2 Health, Safety and Safeguarding
Module 5.1 Curriculum Design
Module 5.2 Assessment and Quality Assurance
Module 5.5 Teaching and Learning in Practice
Module 6.1 Dance Science
Module 6.2 Physical, Social and Emotional Development in Dance Training
Module 6.3 Wider Professional Dance Practice
Module 6.4 Teaching Practice in Action
Module 6.5 Research Project

In addition, you’re required to independently plan and deliver 100 hours of dance. 

The 2019-20 course dates are:

Course takes place on-site, 
at our London headquarters
  • All listed Level 6 course dates plus some Level 4 & 5 dates (TBC)


The course costs £4,688. Applicants who have had a career as a professional performing dancer may be eligible to apply for a Retraining Grant from Dancers’ Career Development. 

The sum is payable by three instalments and includes Associate Membership with bbodance for the entire duration, free access to online syllabus resources, as well as a 90% discount on all Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses we offer. Students are also eligible to apply for Registered Teacher Membership, our highest membership category.

Read more about bbodance Associate and Registered Teacher Memberships, and see a list of current CPD courses.

Career prospects

Upon successful completion of Level 6 Extended, students may undertake professional formation to gain Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status. 

If you think Level 6 Extended is right for you, apply below:



For any questions, please e-mail our friendly team.

Download the Level 6 Extended Handbook
Download the TQ Handbook of Regulations 2019-20

Ofqual course code: 601/7202/2